[Reference] Berrinba (near Brisbane), Queensland (One very autonomous but friendly Manx cat)


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Following a trend for taking housesits in relatively far-flung parts of Brisbane, I spent two weeks in the deep south in a suburb called Berrinba with Cinnamon the Manx cat.

To be honest, I hesitated when it came up on my pick list. Just across the freeway from Berrinba are the localities of Woodridge and Logan, which have a reputation for being a bit dicey. If you’re familiar with the work of Jim Croce, and in particular his ballad of Bad, Bad Leroy Brown, then imagine his depiction of the south side of Chicago!

But I suspended disbelief, let my fingers do the walking to Google Maps Street View, and found the pictures of its streets uncluttered by pictures of knife-wielding gangs or cars on fire, and within a few days I was meeting with Annette and Bob.

Berrinba1Cinnamon definitely had the run of the joint, especially since as a 23.5 hours a day inside cat, she was absolutely queen of her domain. Her first couple of days were spent in master’s bedroom, but by and by she started spending more time with me on my sole pursuit for much of the two weeks: the league championship series and start of the World Series of baseball on their glorious Fox Sports cable TV.

For the other half an hour a day, Cinnamon got to have time in the exercise yard (read: small patio and grassed backyard), though we had to skip a couple of days as we were on the receiving end of a mighty amount of precipitation for the duration.

That aside, I spent a couple of days a week with a public relations mob in Logan, but Cinnamon was amply able to keep herself occupied on those days, as that’s what she’s used to her with her pack leaders.

Berrinba3The owners had two weeks off interstate, never checked up on me even once, and I was more than happy to do the back and forth to the far-distant Brisbane airport for their departure and return.

They were well-pleased with my time looking after their tale-less cat, and sent me this lovely reference:

Leave your home in competent, reliable, trustworthy hands.

Bill looked after our house in Berrinba, Qld, for two weeks in October 2017 when we went to Tasmania for a holiday.

Bill was wonderful. We had complete confidence in him from the start which meant that we could go on our holiday knowing we didn’t have to worry about anything. We knew that Bill would contact us if he needed anything so there was no need for us to constantly check in on him. We just enjoyed our holiday and it was amazing to be able to simply have fun without having having concerns about our house in the back of our minds all the time.

He looked after our house and our cat. We arrived home to an immaculate house and a happy cat. Our cat is a bit of a special snowflake and Bill ably accommodated her whims and mood swings.

We would not hesitate to recommend Bill to anyone else and we’re already thinking that, next time we’re going to go away, we should plan enough in advance to make sure Bill’s available to house sit again.

Annette and Bob


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