My References

This page is a consolidation of all my written referees to date, with the most recent references at the top. I can provide contact details if you’d like to speak with the homeowners directly.


Karama (Darwin), NT (Two wonderful canine companions)

Back in December 2020, I put up an ad on Facebook for a house/dog sitter for two weeks. I work a two weeks on/two weeks off FIFO roster.

Bill answered my ad and come and looked after my two dogs and house for me. I have a very boisterous staffy (Roy), and a little foxy x Jack Russell (Moo). Both dogs are super spoilt and both inside/outside dogs. 

When I returned from work, Bill picked me up at the airport. When I dropped him off I said, if you are interested in sitting again, let me know. To my surprise he said, “Yes!!!!”

Eight months later, Bill has looked after my home and dogs every other two weeks.

I also let him borrow my car as he is THE ONLY sitter I have ever had that has taken my dogs to the beach for walks. This means so much to me. And there is always fuel in the car when I return.

I can go to work, knowing my dogs and home are safe. My dogs are happy and well looked after. My home is spotless, just the way I left it, and Bill even washes his bedding before leaving.

I work a very demanding job, so going to work and not having to stress about what’s going at at home means a lot to me. I barely have to message Bill to even check in with him, as I know everything is fine.

Bill has never accepted money from me even when I have offered it. He is just simply happy to sit for me. So understandably when Bill told me he is going to move on from Darwin, I was a little upset, but I wish Bill all the best with his new ventures in life.

My dogs love Bill, I love Bill. I highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for a clean, tidy and respectable house sitter.

Hope, Moo and Roy


Cattai, NSW (Two dogs, two cats, two horses)

Highly recommend Bill to look after your animals, he took such loving care of ours, from the hyper-active 3 year old golden retriever, to the 16 year old, very doddery Border Collie who needed to be lifted up the stairs, and not forgetting the three cats who all like to think they’re the most important thing in the universe – Bill charmed them all with his cuddles and care. And kept the two horses content as well. It was such a relief being able to go away and know that they were being looked after as well as, if not better than, they are used to.

Thanks Bill!



Singleton, New South Wales (Three bouncy, active dogs)

We had Bill look after our place and 3x dogs for a week. It was our first time with a house sitter and we would 100% recommend Bill to anyone! Very easy going, easy to communicate and deal with, and just a gentleman of a man!

We will definitely have Bill back when we go overseas again if he is available. 🤞

Nicole, Singleton



Thornleigh (Sydney), New South Wales (One sleepy greyhound and a very friendly moggie)

We’ve just returned from 4 weeks away with Bill housesitting for us, caring for our Greyhound, Carrie and elderly (and slightly demented) cat, Abby.
We can’t recommend Bill enough. He took Carrie for long walks daily and put up with Abby stalking him, wanting to constantly sit on his lap.
Communication while we were away was easy and reassuring.
We returned to a very clean and tidy house and two happy healthy animals. Perfect.
Thanks again, Bill!
Lou, Thornleigh

Engadine (Sydney), New South Wales (Two feisty dogs and two conjure parrots – one with an appetite for fingers)

Bill was awesome for our 2 week house sit, so much so we have booked him again for Jan 19, Thanks Bill 

Benitta, Engadine



Hornsby Heights (Two rabbits and a bearded dragon)

This is the first time we’ve used a house sitter so we were a bit nervous. We need not have been.

Bill was fantastic. He even cared for our sick rabbit who had hurt his eye two days before he went away. Bill put drops in his eye and managed getting him back to the vet when things didn’t look good.

We got regular updates and the house was pristine when we got back. Such a relief having someone like that looking out for things.

I would highly recommend.

Kerryn, Hornsby Heights



Baulkham Hills (Sydney), New South Wales (Two moggies – one timid, one very lap-oriented)

It’s always reassuring to have someone looking after your home while you’re away. It’s OK having the neighbours keep an eye on the place, but to actually have someone move in and to care for the place as if it was their own is just wonderful.

Bill was fantastic, and our two cats were very content – we were able to see beautiful photos of them online.

We came home from 6 weeks in Europe over the Christmas holidays to a spotless house and a sparkling pool. Bill had thoughtfully left some basic necessities in the fridge, although my New Year’s dieting plans could have done without the hot cross buns (but they were so yummy)!

Bill had even done some weeding that I had been avoiding for ages – huge thanks for that.

I would have no hesitation recommending Bill as a housesitter, and look forward to using his services again in future.

Alison, Baulkham Hills


Indooroopilly (Brisbane). Queensland (One very old and lethargic Schnauzer)

Bill was excellent at looking after Chester and our apartment while we were away.

Chester appeared content and happy when we arrived home, the place was spotless and the plants taken care of. Bill sent us daily photos of Chester, and updates on what they were doing that day. He walked Chester each day, and they watched the Ashes together, which gave Chester company while he was at home.

Bill did a brilliant job looking after our dog and our home, and it gave us great peace of mind while we were on holiday.

Michelle, Indooroopilly



Scarborough, Queensland (One very small Jack Russell with a very big character)

Rat dog!!!

Please Bill, I am a highly trained vermin control canine!

Many thanks for looking after me so well and the extended walks. You were warned that a long walk is a 4 x “scoop it” bag trip. (Bill’s note: I was warned, and I went prepared!)

Roy and Shirley also want to say thank you very much for caring for me and looking after our home while they were off enjoying themselves. We all recommend Bill the housesitter and hope to see you again.

Cheers, Misty Roy & Shirl



East Ipswich, Queensland (Two very friendly Kelpie crosses – my two black shadows)

Bill, you are wonderful!

We couldn’t have gone overseas for our wedding and had such a stress-free trip if it weren’t for you.

We met Bill once before we engaged his services and immediately knew he was honest and someone we could trust.

Bill watched over our two 4-legged daughters who are very sweet (but energetic!) Kelpies. He stayed for just over 2 weeks and minded our home and the pups. The dogs were so happy and well taken care of as well as the home & plants.

Coming home was great and Bill was kind enough to take us and pick us up from the airport. It was great to have someone like Bill who felt more like a friend than a home/furbaby minder.

Thank you Bill, we are so lucky to have met you and hope to see you again soon.

Emily and Peter



Berrinba (near Brisbane), Queensland (One very autonomous but friendly Manx cat)

Leave your home in competent, reliable, trustworthy hands.

Bill looked after our house in Berrinba, Qld, for two weeks in October 2017 when we went to Tasmania for a holiday.

Bill was wonderful. We had complete confidence in him from the start which meant that we could go on our holiday knowing we didn’t have to worry about anything. We knew that Bill would contact us if he needed anything so there was no need for us to constantly check in on him. We just enjoyed our holiday and it was amazing to be able to simply have fun without having having concerns about our house in the back of our minds all the time.

He looked after our house and our cat. We arrived home to an immaculate house and a happy cat. Our cat is a bit of a special snowflake and Bill ably accommodated her whims and mood swings.

We would not hesitate to recommend Bill to anyone else and we’re already thinking that, next time we’re going to go away, we should plan enough in advance to make sure Bill’s available to house sit again.

Annette and Bob



Mount Ommaney (Brisbane), Queensland (An assertive middle-aged Maltese Shih-Tzu)

We recently had Bill house sit and care for our rather spoilt ten year old Maltese – Shih-tzu cross for a week in mid August whilst we were overseas.

We originally made contact with Bill after placing an ad on one of the house sitting web sites. Bill was one of the first replies we received and we were immediately impressed with the quality of his reply.

Previously we’d always favoured female sittters, but on this occasion we couldn’t help but be impressed with the quality of Bill’s reply and his website only served to reinforce the information he’d given us.

I phoned Bill and after a chat agreed to use him subject to a face to face meeting going well for both parties! I picked Bill up at the bus stop (I offered) and we were immediately put at ease by his relaxed no nonsense approach and confirmed that he would sit for us for the week.

Bill duly arrived and spent the week doing all those things that we expected. On our return the house was clean and tidy and the dog was happy and well cared for. On the morning of our return he also left as soon as we arrived, something not all sitters do but is very welcome if timing permits. When you’ve spent the night on a long haul flight it’s really nice to be able to get your feet back on the ground at home as soon as practical!

We were very happy with Bill’s efforts and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others. He was completely reliable, always on time, and generally simply a nice easy going guy!

Des & Jeanette, Mount Ommaney



Wynnum West (Brisbane), Queensland – One friendly old Labrador and two Bearded Dragons

We had the please of having Bill look after our home and beloved pets while we went away, and couldn’t be happier.

If you are looking for a friendly, down to earth person who will look after your home as if it were his own, and take great care of your pets as well (he looked after our Labrador and Lizards), leaving you to holiday without worry, then Bill is your man.

Great job Bill!

Rhiannon, Wynnum West

Wynnum West1

Bearded Dragon2

Bearded Dragon1


Algester (Brisbane), Queensland (Two cats with very different personalities)

We were fortunate enough to have Bill move into our home to be housemate to our two cats April and Wilson whilst we were overseas for a couple of weeks.

We met with Bill and knew all would be well whilst we were gone. Our home was perfectly looked after and the cats were happy.

We totally recommend Bill the Housesitter and look forward to having him visit again. Many thanks Bill!

Jodie and Mal, Algester



Wavell Heights (Brisbane), Queensland (Two large, active dogs – one old, one new)

We had the pleasure of having Bill house sit for us for the second time in July 2017.

Our dog Gus was very happy to see his old friend Bill again. We had welcomed a new addition to our furry family since Bill last house sat for us in 2016. Our new dog Barley can be very timid around strangers but Bill was able to win her over pretty quickly.

Once again we can only say great things about Bill. He is so easy to communicate with and takes great care of the animals and the house.

Samantha and Dan, Wavell Heights (Brisbane)



Machans Beach (Cairns). Queensland (Two boisterous characters of staffies, two less extroverted snakes plus fish)

Bill was the standout applicant for our housesit. Out of the 28 applicants in the first 24 hours, there was only one which really made us sit up and pay attention – and that was Bill!

Our decision was made almost instantly that we spoke with him, and the house sit became reality. We were away for around two weeks and left easy in the knowledge that Bill is capable, calm, confident and quiet. He absorbed the myriad often confusing instructions about snakes, fish, dogs, plants, yard, chickens et al with aplomb.

On our return all I can say is – the dogs were happy, the snakes were happy, the fish were happy, the chickens were happy hence WE were happy!

And that is the aim – return home to a happy household. When you book Bill, that is exactly what you’ll return to – a happy household! And you can’t ask for more.

Thanks Bill, your efforts are sincerely appreciated.

Graham and Melissa, Cairns



Upper Kedron (Brisbane), Queensland (One Australian shepherd cross, two cats, several fish)

Bill was absolutely excellent looking after our house and furbabies, so much so that they weren’t even that excited for us to be home haha.
Will definitely get you in again next time and highly recommend to anyone and everyone! =)

Stephanie, Upper Kedron

Upper Kedron2Upper Kedron


Eatons Hill (Brisbane), Queensland (One very energetic border collie)

We are so happy with the way Bill took care of Miss Milly.

We came home after 2 weeks away, to a perfectly happy, same as usual Milly. She was happy to see us, but she kept looking out of the window wondering when Uncle Bill was coming home.

It is very reassuring to know you can leave your home and special pet to a reliable, kind, responsible person. Bill looked after not only the dog, but also the plants. None of them died 🙂

The house was left clean and tidy, the car filled to the brim with petrol.


Sonya and John, Eatons Hill



Kenmore (Brisbane), Queensland (Two dogs, two guinea pigs)

Bill housesat for us for just over 2 weeks while we were overseas.

He not only took great care of our 2 dogs, a few herbs and the kids’ sunflowers, but was also happy to take on a couple of guinea-pigs (not ours – we were babysitting for someone else) who couldn’t return to their own home before we left.

We came home to a house that was probably cleaner and tidier than when we left, and dogs that were far better exercised than under our own care! Bill worked out their needs as individuals and tailored their walks to suit them, which meant double the exercise for him!

We loved that he communicated well and shared pictures of our pets so we could relax knowing they were happy. We will definitely call on Bill in the future and highly recommend him to anyone else.

Liesl and Andrew, Kenmore



Coorparoo (Brisbane), Queensland (Two cats, one dog, two guinea pigs)

We had Bill the Housesitter pet-sit for us in December 2016/January 2017 for 1 week.

Bill did a wonderful job of looking after all our pets while we were away and we came back to very happy, healthy little pets. Bill had to look after 2 cats, 1 dog and 2 guinea pigs and he did so with ease.

Bill also did a fabulous job of caring for our garden, watering the plants/flowers, and the garden was probably in a better condition when we got home. Bill was excellent in looking after the house also, making sure all the windows were shut and cushions brought inside before storms. Bill also put in the effort to round up all the pets and bring them inside safe and sound before any storms hit. Finding someone like Bill to pet-sit your house and pets makes going away that much easier.

We would not hesitate in recommending Bill for any petsitting positions and we will definitely be using Bill again should we need to. He is kind, caring and seems to have a love of animals. He is also able to spend a lot of his time at home with the pets which the pets absolutely love!

Thanks again Bill for a wonderful job!

Lisa and Steve


Upper Kedron (Brisbane), Queensland (One friendly dog who loved his walks, and a cat who sat them out)

Bill house sat for us between 7 – 14 January 2017

Upon meeting Bill we knew our house and pets were in good hands.

When we arrived home Chester and Dexter were happy, and had obviously been cared for. The house was in good order too.

Thank you Bill.

John and Sarah, Upper Kedron



Yagoona (Sydney), New South Wales (Two full of life characters of Malamutes)

Bill looked after our home and 2 big pups for 6 weeks last year while we were overseas; and was an absolute gem!!!

I was very hesitant to leave our 2 ‘babies’ with a stranger for such a long period of time; but the home and dogs were well cared for and happy as could be on our return. Bill regularly took them to the park and was constantly in touch with us; sending us messages, photos and videos to keep our peace of mind.

Bill was able to provide a police check and references and we were happy to give him use of our cars – which like the house were well cared for.

Bill is a great character and I wouldn’t hesitate to invite him back or recommend him to a friend- happy to be contacted for any further information or to answer specific questions.

Lucia and Sam, Yagoona (Sydney), New South Wales



Oxenford (Gold Coast), Queensland (An energetic boxer cross and whippet cross)

Bill house sat (more importantly – dog sat!) for us for a week in August 2016.

Bill made the effort to meet us and our dogs prior to the sitting. Our girls were happy and relaxed upon our return.

We invited Bill to stay the first night of our return, before he moved onto the next house sit the following day. This was a great opportunity to know him better. He spoke fondly of the pets he had cared for as he described many pet personalities he had met. We would recommend his services to anyone needing a house sitter.



Ascot (Brisbane), Queensland. (Two very articulate and talkative Bengal cats)

Bill house-sat and looked after our two high maintenance cats for two weeks. Our cats are loud, naughty and love to have regular play and walks – Bill rose to this challenge and we returned to two happy cats!

Bill kept in contact whilst we were away and left the house neat and tidy. We would definitely recommend him to others for house and pet sitting.

Carleen and Tom, Ascot (Brisbane), Queensland.



Wavell Heights (Brisbane), Queensland (One very expressive mastiff x sharpei x wolfhound x staffie, and one low maintenance budgie)

Bill house-sat for us for a period of 4 weeks. During that time Bill looked after our dog Gus and our budgie.

We can highly recommend Bill for anyone with pets. Bill sent us some updates and photos and we could tell that our dog felt comfortable and was being very well cared for.

Bill continued to walk Gus daily despite having some challenges with Gus’ unruly behaviour on the lead and unpredictability around other dogs. I’m sure anyone else would have given up!

On return from vacation our house was very clean and the yard had been very well maintained.

Bill is very easy to communicate with and made all the arrangements very easy. We felt totally comfortable having Bill in our house whilst we were away. Bill would be our first choice for house and pet sitting during any future vacations.

Samantha and Dan, Wavell Heights (Brisbane), Queensland.



Burleigh Heads, Queensland (One very sweet collie and two exotic mountain cats)

Bill is our preferred house sitter.

We have had many over the past 20 years. We had become accustomed to returning after holidays to find things missing, damaged, or just neglected, for example dead plants and dysfunctional fur babies etc etc.

With Bill, we go on holidays and enjoy our time away knowing, on our return, there will be no “surprises”.

So if you are looking to maximise your holiday enjoyment, you can’t do any better than Bill.

Jack and Debra, Burleigh Heads (Gold Coast), Queensland.



Coorparoo, Queensland (One energetic kelpie cross)

Bill recently house sat for us in Coorparoo for 2 weeks and looked after our dog Rosie.

He did a fabulous job and it was so wonderful to come home to a healthy and happy dog!

The house was also looked after very well and we had no issues at all.

Bill is very easy to communicate with and trustworthy and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone as a house/pet sitter.

Kindest regards

Alison and Damian, Coorparoo (Brisbane), Queensland.



Riverhills, Queensland (Two Labrador/Lab crosses, two parrots, four chooks, and a partridge in a pear tree)

I have just had Bill Quinn house sit for us. First time I have ever used a housesitter and it is also the first time I have gone on holidays without worrying about my pets.

Thank you so much for looking after our home, mutts, parrots and chooks.

Donna and Doug, Riverhills Brisbane), Queensland



Valentine, New South Wales (One very low maintenance Staffy cross)

Bill-the Housesitter-Quinn looked after our home and our dog, Lois, for four days in January 2016.

Our Lois was more than happy to have his company and more than just a little sad to see him leave!

We had opportunity to get to know Bill before we left, and a bit more on our return. He is a quiet gentleman who had no difficulty in settling in to our dog’s routine.

Lois really enjoyed her walks with Bill.

Thanks, Bill, for being such a great house and dog-sitter. We wish you all the very best in your future travels, writings, and house and pet sitting.

Katrina and Craig, Valentine (Lake Macquarie), NSW



Paddington, New South Wales (One very friendly Labrador)

For three weeks in Nov/Dec 2015, Bill Quinn was our house sitter and dog sitter.  In that time he kept the garden in excellent condition and left the house neat and tidy.

With our dog, Bill took him on walks regularly, showed care and kindness to him and kept him engaged and well fed.

We are happy to recommend him.

Alex and Irene, Paddington (Sydney), New South Wales

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Corlette, New South Wales (Two lively Cavoodles)

I would like to thank you for the wonderful way you looked after my home and my dog Maisie as well as my sister’s dog Lexie whilst we were away for 6 weeks recently. I think they missed you and the lovely long walks you gave them.

It was so comforting to know that the dogs were in such capable hands and also that the house was being looked after.

Must say it was a delight to come home to a clean house and you even did your washing! I would not hesitate to ask you back in the future and am happy for you to use this as a reference. It was also good to hear that you participated in the local choir’s activity – singing for peace – well done!

Thank you for the photos of the dogs, Pat and I don’t know how you got them to sit still, beautiful shots.

Many thanks and best regards

Ros, Corlette (Port Stephens), New South Wales



West Wollongong, New South Wales (One adorable Jack Russell plus two chooks)

Thank you so much for looking after the house and pets for us. Scrumpy obviously had a wonderful time and the chickens have grown. Knowing we had you at home made me able to relax on our holiday.

Harriet, West Wollongong, New South Wales

West Wollongong


Northmead, Sydney (Three large handfuls = three small dogs)

Over the period of 20 July to 16 August 2015, Bill Quinn house-sat at our house in Northmead, NSW.

He also minded our three Maltese terrier dogs who are often difficult to handle due to their high energy and apprehension of strangers.

Bill was a true gentleman through the entire experience and provided regular updates and photos via emails which put our mind at ease.

At no time were we worried that things would not be as we left them which has been a past problem with other minders.

I would absolutely recommend Bill to mind anybody’s house/animals as he is a very professional, patient, responsible and trustworthy individual.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding Bill’s service.

Greg and Sharon, Northmead (Sydney), New South Wales



Lane Cove North, Sydney (One cattle dog and one big marmalade cat)

Thank you, Bill, for taking such good care of our house and animals.

Finn and Cosmo were both very contented when we arrived home. We particularly enjoyed seeing them appear anonymously on Facebook in our absence because we could see how much they were enjoying your company and attention!

It was wonderful to come back to a house that looked tidier than when we left and we all look forward to your return house-sit.

Best wishes,

Jo and Alan, Lane Cove West (Sydney), New South Wales

Lane Cove North


Baulkham Hills, Sydney (One energetic dog and one fluffzilla of a cat)

Bill looked after our fur babies which are Merlain (cat) and Bella (miniature schnauzer) for approximately 15 days.

During the time we were away he was excellent and prompt. He even sent us pictures of Merlain and Bella.

He left a lovely welcome home letter updating us on the animals and anything else we needed to know about. The house was clean and tidied, and Bill had even washed the linen.

I would highly recommend Bill to housesit anyone’s house and to look after their animals. He is very reliable and a caring person.

Maria, Baulkham Hills (Sydney), New South Wales

Baulkham Hills


Riverwood, Sydney, New South Wales (No pets but lots of plants and lawn)

Many thanks for looking after the estate so well. Twas beaut to come home to tidy lawns and a clean house.

Brian and Carol, Riverwood (Sydney), New South Wales



Witta, Queensland (One cat and a native nursery)

Bill was referred to us by a mutual friend so we had no qualms about having him sit our house.

As we had already left for our holidays before we met (by phone), the instructions we gave were rushed and a bit haphazard to say the least!

Bill took it all in his stride and acquitted himself with aplomb.

On our return, the house was in perfect shape, all the plants in the nursery were healthy and well watered, and our big, sooky moggie was pining for him!!

As an added bonus, we were kept amused by his regular updates that featured different views from our verandah. No chance to get homesick!

Cheers Bill!

Jevan and Maia, Witta, Queensland



Rothwell, north of Brisbane (three cats, five chooks, various residents in the aviary)

To whom it may concern. Bill Quinn looked after our home at Rothwell, Qld in April 2015 and did so very well. We found him very honest and reliable. We would not hesitate to recommend him.

Graeme and Bev, Rothwell (Brisbane), Queensland



Palmwoods, Queensland (one very vocal and demanding cat)

Bill Quinn house sat for me while I was away for five weeks. He was responsible for my home, my plants, and my old cat.

I returned home from my trip to find everything safe and in good condition and my lawn just mowed. My old cat is suffering from age-related dementia and is a difficult animal to care for. When I returned home, she was in very good condition and seemed very content.

Bill cared for my home well.

Jenny, Palmwoods, Queensland



Tuross Head, New South Wales (several acres, lots of wildlife and a recalcitrant water pump)

Bill Quinn looked after our house for nearly 2 months while we were overseas. We found out about him from a note on the local village notice board, met him and then checked his on-line credentials before making a decision to ask him to housesit. A good decision as it turned out!

Bill did an excellent job. He:

– left a house that looked exactly the same as we had left it;

– coped with peculiarly rural things like dams, septic tanks and tank water pumps;

– played intermediary in important administrative matters communicating by email or phone when needed;

– liaised with locals to collect mail, arrange medical appointments and fix defects etc.

I would be happy to discuss Bill’s role and performance here with anyone considering a housesitter.

Geoff and Ruth, Tuross Head, New South Wales

Tuross Head


Dundas Valley, Sydney (One very young and very energetic dog)

Bill Quinn looked after our home and beloved dog Dexter for six weeks over July/Aug 2014 whilst we were on an overseas holiday.

During and even before the house sit he was honest, trustworthy, reliable, professional and we came home to a clean and well kept house and dog.

He was always responsive to our communication whilst we were away and we were able to have a worry-free holiday knowing our house and dog was in good hands.

Under Bill’s care, Dexter was even more well-behaved when we came back!

I would highly recommend Bill to anyone needing a housesitter/petsitter.

Carmina and Phil, Dundas Valley (Sydney), New South Wales

Dundas Valley


Wangi Wangi, Lake Macquarie, NSW (An old cattle dog and a young moggie)

Bill Quinn housesat for us while we were overseas for 6 weeks in May-July 2014. Our new lakefront property has a pool and a reasonably sized garden. We also have a Kelpie dog and a cat.

Bill went to some trouble to meet us beforehand, which we appreciated. He also stayed in touch prior to and during our travels which gave us confidence that everything was alright during our absence.

The animals, house, pool and garden were all in good condition on our return.

Reports from the neighbours confirm that Bill was, as he advised us, quiet and responsible and rarely away from the property. I have no hesitation in recommending him for future housesits – he has proven himself reliable, capable and trustworthy.

Ruth, Wangi Wangi, Lake Macquarie, New South Wales

Wangi Wangi


Annandale, Sydney (No pets, just a snug terrace house and gardens)

Bill looked after my home for 3 weeks.

I returned to a spotless and ordered home. The gardens were well watered and my possessions well cared for.

I am very pleased to recommend Bill as a house sitter.

Judi, Annandale (Sydney), New South Wales



Latham, Canberra (Two very timid cats plus two very productive chickens)

It is our pleasure to provide a brief statement of support and appreciation for the house sitting services of Bill Quinn.

We have quite a large house and garden with 2 cats and 2 chickens. Bill capably looked after our home, garden and pets during our recent holiday for 3 weeks. He took on board all our requests and stayed in touch with us during our holiday to set out minds at rest. We returned to find all in good order and will seek his services again soon.

Pat and John, Latham (Canberra), Australian Capital Territory


Ipswich, Queensland (One character of a little cat)

Bill looked after our home, garden and cat for a week in February.

The garden and our many pot plants were kept watered during hot weather. The house was tidy, and the cat was healthy and happy on our return.



Flynn, Canberra (One very regal cat)

Bill house sat for us and our much treasured (spoilt) cat for 4 weeks.

When we came home the house was spotless, plants healthy and watered and the cat purring.

What more could I hope for? Bill was just excellent and we have asked him to sit for us again.

Wendy and John, Flynn (Canberra), Australian Capital Territory



Rivett, Canberra (One dog, three cats and a very large backyard)

It is a pleasure to send a note of recommendation for house sitting.

In 2010 and 2011 Bill looked after my home and pets for short periods while I was away.

I felt confident that both my home and my animal friends would be looked after well, and Bill did not disappoint. Everything was well cared for.

I would not hesitate to recommend Bill to anyone looking for a trustworthy and reliable person to house sit.

Fiona, Rivett (Canberra), Australian Capital Territory


Hawker, Canberra (One very large and affectionate cat)

Bill has been house-sitting for us on two occasions now and both times have been very successful. Bill is neat, and tidy and the house is always left clean when we arrived back from holidays.

He also looks after our cat who is quite old.

We also have a holiday house at the coast and Bill has rented this house for many years. It has always been left clean and tidy.

I would recommend Bill Quinn for any house sitting jobs that may arise.

Jenny and Geoff, Hawker (Canberra), Australian Capital Territory


Belconnen, Canberra (Two cats who don’t really believe they’re cats)

One of our two cats is very demanding of human affection, unlike our other moggie, and Bill was the ideal housesitter, obviously enjoying looking after the two of them.

When one of the cats had a minor health problem Bill contacted us promptly and resolved the issue.

Bill understood our requirements with a minimum of explanation.

Our house was left clean and tidy, all the pot plants had been looked after.

We felt quite confident when we left home that our house and pets would be looked after well.

Brock and Ann, Belconnen (Canberra), Australian Capital Territory


Kambah, Canberra (One very large character of a cat)

Bill house and cat sat for me for a period of 6½ weeks (late August – early October 2012).

During that time he would contact me if there were any problems, provide me with regular updates on my pet and house and notify me of any items of mail that might have significance or relevance that needed to be actioned.

I chose Bill as my house-sitter as he provided references, his situation (male and single) was my preferred choice of house-sitter, and more importantly, when I met him, he was normal.

Sounds strange but he came across as just a genuine bloke so I trusted my instincts and went with him and I haven’t had any regrets.

My house was totally fine, nothing was damaged, there were no excessive bills, my cat was happy (he would sleep on Bill’s bed with him) and the garden was maintained.

There was a power outage early on in his house-sitting but Bill handled it and reset the fuse box without having to contact me until after the event (it happened at 1am or so).

I would happily recommend Bill as an honest, reliable house and pet sitter. If I am away again I will be contacting Bill to seek his services again.

Rachel, Kambah (Canberra), Australian Capital Territory



Peakhurst, Sydney (Two dogs, two cats, one auxiliary cat and occasionally indeterminate number of kittens)

Bill has house sat for me on four occasions to date (with more bookings made for 2014). My focus in using a house sitter is pet care and I’ve been very pleased with Bill’s care for my two cats and two dogs.

One of my dogs is highly strung and Bill was very careful to develop a trust with her. He walked them as often as possible (generally not in the rain) and I returned home to very happy pets and a tidy house too.

  • Organised           *****
  • Reliable               *****
  • Self-sufficient   *****
  • Tidy                      *****
  • Pet care               *****

Desleigh, Peakhurst (Sydney), New South Wales