Not Housesitting

As mentioned in my About blurb, I work from a home location, ensuring I can give your pets maximum attention and care.

As I type, there’s a German Shepherd curled up at my feet and a Weimaraner resting in the front room. (We’ve just been playing an energetic game of ball and Frisbee in the back yard, unfortunately making the hounds on either side a little jealous!)

After a long time period that has variously included:

  • a lot of federal public service
  • some teaching to school groups in parliamentary and civics education
  • a little tertiary teaching
  • a short stint as an educational curriculum reviewer
  • part-time migrant English tutoring
  • a little light call centre work
  • four years part time on radio
  • 20 years running trivia quizzes
  • 10 years MC-ing weddings and music festivals
  • a fair bit of choral and other singing, and
  • stints as an industrial cleaner and home maintenance offsider

now I occasionally just write.

Mostly for music publications, mostly involving interviews with musicians, event organisers, venues and festivals. It’s been a little dormant for the past year or two, though that may change in 2018.

If you’re interested, have a look-see here:

and here:

Bill Quinn


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