Not Housesitting

As mentioned in my About blurb, I work from a home location mostly yours), ensuring I can give your pets maximum attention and care.

As I type, there’s a German Shepherd curled up at my feet and a Weimaraner resting in the front room. We’ve just been playing an energetic game of ball and Frisbee in the back yard, unfortunately making the hounds on either side a little jealous. πŸΆπŸ•

After a long, long time – call it 34 years – my full-time working life has to date variously included:

  • a LOT of federal public service
  • some teaching to school groups in parliamentary and civics education
  • a little tertiary teaching
  • a short stint as an educational curriculum reviewer for a public beneficial institution
  • six years as a part-time migrant English tutoring
  • a little light call centre work for a Big 4 bank
  • four years of part time presenting on radio
  • 20 years of running trivia quizzes
  • 10 years of MC-ing weddings and at gigs and music festivals
  • 12 years of writing about music for a national monthly magazine
  • a fair bit of choral and other singing and
  • stints as an industrial cleaner and home maintenance offsider

Yes, there’s a lot of overlap. I’m not Methuselah; I’m 52, not 252. πŸ˜‰

But lately now I occasionally write. And interview. And publish long, rambling articles on my observations of travelling my own country for five plus years.

My writing has been mostly for music publications (print and online), and mostly involving interviews with musicians, event organisers, venues and festivals. It’s been a little dormant for the past year or two, though that started toΒ change in 2018, and continues a-pace in 2019. The scope is also widening to:

* Music

* Arts

* Sport

* People

If you’re interested, have a look-see here:

and here:

I’m currently ostensibly on indefinite hiatus, but I’ve been creeping back to it since mid-2018, and my plans for 2019 are a mixture of blue sky ambition, and a bounded vision of what will sate my cravings for being where the people are, and what will keep me sane and in good health.

Currently, I’m enjoying a rather itinerant and lazy lifestyle as a self-funded early retiree.

No, I can’t substantiate that in fact! I’ve been bouncing around the country in between housesits like a crazed 10 year old human pinball. πŸ˜‰

Beats sitting in an airless office for eight hours a day. 😎

Call me? πŸ˜€


Bill Quinn

Written: Holsworthy, NSW – October 2015
Last Updated: Nightcliff, NT – August 2019


Pic: Monday morning, 3.21am, 4 February 2019, Pymble, NSW, Australia.

By 5.21am: Manchester City 3 Arsenal 1

As in football, as in life: you can’t win ’em all. βš½οΈπŸ˜–

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