Not Housesitting

As mentioned in my About blurb, I work from a home location, ensuring I can give your pets maximum attention and care.

As I type, there’s a German Shepherd curled up at my feet and a Weimaraner resting in the front room. (We’ve just been playing an energetic game of ball and Frisbee in the back yard, unfortunately making the hounds on either side a little jealous!)

After a long time period that has variously included:

  • a lot of federal public service
  • some teaching to school groups in parliamentary and civics education
  • a little tertiary teaching
  • a short stint as an educational curriculum reviewer
  • part-time migrant English tutoring
  • a little light call centre work
  • four years part time on radio
  • 20 years running trivia quizzes
  • 10 years MC-ing weddings and music festivals
  • a fair bit of choral and other singing, and
  • stints as an industrial cleaner and home maintenance offsider

now I occasionally just write.

But soon, my cottage industry/hobby/sole trader business will be exploding into a full company with myriad arms and functions. At that point, somewhere in the 2018/2019 financial year, I will be pulling back on being a full-time housesitter, and will move to a mentoring/managing/agency role for others who I have checked out to provide housesitting services and more.

Note: I will not be doing this on a commission basis. There is initially no charge for anything I do in the worlds of housesitting. I have other income streams that allow me to give help and support to many without dipping into their tills, purses or wallets.

It’s called contra, it’s one of my core principles and methods of operating, and it means I will probably always remain embedded with community, grassroots, independent organisations and people, and wave happily as others progress to the mid levels and the mainstream.

I love my mainstream indulgences: commercial radio, subscription media, top tier bands, singers and musicians, but I’m much happier down at the organic entry level where the spark, passion and innovation foments, ferments and kicks off.

My writing has been mostly for music publications, and mostly involving interviews with musicians, event organisers, venues and festivals. It’s been a little dormant for the past year or two, though that is changing in 2018. The scope is also widening to:

* Music
* Arts
* People

If you’re interested, have a look-see here:


and here:

Plus a phalanx of related pages: Overheard Music, Bits And Pieces Overheard (some content rated up to MA15+), Overheard Business Recommendations (in progress).

Plus my current companions: – VERY MA15+ AT TIMES


Boris The Boomerang Possum Kat


Bill Quinn

Written: Holsworthy, NSW – October 2015
Last Updated: Belmont, NSW – April 2018


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