[Reference] Algester, Queensland – Two cats with very different personalities


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Algester is one of countless suburbs I’ve discovered over many years of housesitting whose existence I may have ordinarily remained blissfully ignorant of.

It was a first on a couple of fronts, including the first time I’ve housesat in a ‘gated community’. That sounded very posh and elite at first blush, but you could easily forget that it was any different to your run of the mill townhouse complex.

Algester1My two moggie mates had very different personalities – the female grey and white was initially very affectionate and approachable, but from Day One she opted to make herself very scarce and only turned up for meals and in the evenings for curfew. The marmalade man was the polar opposite – an absolute character of a cat, and always very entertaining and diverting company. I nearly fell off the couch the night I looked over and solved the question of, ‘How many cats does it take to change a light bulb?’ I have no idea what he was up to, and I suspect neither did he!

My two weeks in this southern Brisbane suburb coincided with a period when even this southerner could admit that winter had truly come to Brisbane plus the concluding stages of one of my pet addictions: the SBS telecast of the annual Tour de France cycling race. So my light-bulb-changing feline mate and I shared many evenings together on the #couchpeloton, urging on whichever Australian was still upright and in the race.

The owners were well-pleased with my time as their housesitter and gave this reference:

We were fortunate enough to have Bill move into our home to be housemate to our two cats April and Wilson whilst we were overseas for a couple of weeks.

We met with Bill and knew all would be well whilst we were gone. Our home was perfectly looked after and the cats were happy.

We totally recommend Bill the Housesitter and look forward to having him visit again. Many thanks Bill!

Jodie and Mal, Algester


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