[Reference] Eatons Hill (Brisbane), Queensland – One very energetic border collie


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This was my second visit to the two-acre property at Eatons Hill to look after almost-two-year-old Milly, a border collie who’s built sleek, swift, and as football commentators are prone to say, ‘She’s full of running’.

For two weeks, we were each others’ constant companions, and we started out with a bit of light exploration of the streets, easements, and open green spaces of this rural suburb in north west Brisbane.

milly4However, after the first time I took up the owners’ suggestion to make the trek by car across to the coast and visit Sandgate Beach at low tide, I was hooked. We made pilgrimages there every other day to muck about on the great sandy flats, with a tennis ball being our main source of mutual entertainment.

I highly recommend going on a Monday or Tuesday for Doug’s Seafood‘s $14.95 special.

On our first Saturday, I had intended to catch the early morning low tide, but after a slow start, we missed our window of opportunity. So, instead, I jokingly said we’d head out mid-morning and catch the evening low tide (about 6.30pm-ish, to get the +/- two hours around low tide point I’d had recommended).

milly2And lo and behold, it IS possible to spend nine and a half hours out and about, man and dog, simply visiting eight dog parks, stopping for lunch at a dog-friendly café for lunch (Poshamocha at Ferny Grove), and finishing the day with a half-hour of fetch on the sand flats in fading light.

The full details of all the fully-fenced off-leash dog parks we went to (plus photos) are here on my Bill the Housesitter Facebook page.

Milly is a great dog to look after. She’s always keen to do whatever I’m up to: walking, chasing the ball, going for a dip in the backyard pool, watering the trees on the property, going for a drive. But she’s also quite capable of keeping herself occupied and amused. Chasing her shadow around the paddock is always a favourite – she gambols like a baby lamb!

The owners came back from their cruise well-rested and happy with my time looking after their fluffy companion. They gave me this reference:

We are so happy with the way Bill took care of Miss Milly.

We came home after 2 weeks away, to a perfectly happy, same as usual Milly. She was happy to see us, but she kept looking out of the window wondering when Uncle Bill was coming home.

It is very reassuring to know you can leave your home and special pet to a reliable, kind, responsible person. Bill looked after not only the dog, but also the plants. None of them died 🙂

The house was left clean and tidy, the car filled to the brim with petrol.


Sonya and John, Eatons Hill


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