My 2016 Dance Card Is Now Full

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As of this morning, Bill The Housesitter is now booked until at least 5 January 2017.

I have some dates already booked in for the first half of 2017 – see my Availability page for full details.

However, all dates are now spoken for in 2016, and hopefully will stay that way, the various good gods-willing, and if the creeks don’t rise and the crops don’t fail. 😉

In fact, I’m even taking two weeks for myself and having a holiday in Queensland, NSW, ACT and Victoria. This is something I would not even have considered towards the start of this year.

But while some cruel and even tragic* things have happened this year, on balance, it goes well. Good things are happening, and a little time for #1 is in order.

Full as a goog, as my old mum would say!

* Thank you to everyone who contacted me to express their empathy after the death of my mother on 10 August 2016. Mary Agnes Jessie Quinn was a magnificent woman, I loved her dearly and still do, and I’m supremely happy that she defied so many odds and lived almost, just almost, to her 80th birthday with some quality of life.

My #1 son turns 21 during my November vacation, so maybe he’ll even let me treat him to a soy-chai latté and a vegetarian BBQ meat-lovers pizza, or whatever it is those hippies in Illawarra unis eat. I just realised I will have 2 x 21 year olds by the end of November. Scary stuff.

If you have queries about 2017 dates, please check my available dates and give me a call.


Bill Quinn
The Big Rennet-free Cheese
Overheard Productions dot com

13:36, Friday 2 September 2016

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