Bill The Housesitter Video 5: Gone To The Dogs’ Park


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It always takes at least a few days and sometimes a week or more to really get the measure of my canine clients when house-sitting.

Sometimes that happens on the fly for short periods, like one of my absolute favourites this year, a little Jack Russell in West Wollongong who I just clicked with from the get-go.

But for others it’s really a case of me learning their rules.

Because I’m a visitor and a guest in THEIR home, and yet I’m their temporary pack leader at the same time, so it’s a paradoxical relationship.

In this current setting, I have two tricky breeds to deal with: Husky and Malamute.

But almost two weeks in, the solution is clear, pack leader. “Take me out to the dog park!”

Shot at The Vale Of Ah Reserve, Auld Avenue, Milperra.

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